New permanent exhibit: “Out of the Archives”

Waynesboro has a deep and rich history. The Waynesboro Heritage Foundation has been fortunate over the years to have been entrusted by the community with its many artifacts, records, stories, and memories that document our city’s collective history.

In fact, did you know that the Museum holds over 13,000 items? However, with limited exhibit space and time, we decided we needed a way to showcase more of these treasures than just the ones that would fit into a larger exhibit.

As a result of this desire comes our new permanent exhibit space: “Out of the Archives.” Located in the back of the rotating exhibit room is a curated collection of individual items we want the community to see, but may otherwise rarely have their “moment in the sun.” From an obscure game and a Civil War-era diary, to original artwork and colonial-era coins – these items represent a snapshot in time of past and present everyday Waynesborians, and help us understand how we got where we are today.

The artifacts will be rotated through periodically. We wish we could display everything, but eventually each of these items will have be returned to its home for permanent preservation. So, make sure you stop in frequently to check out what new parts of Waynesboro’s history we have on display.


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