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The Waynesboro Heritage Museum needs your support!

You can support the museum financially by signing up for a membership.

Members continue to keep the history of Waynesboro alive through their generous contributions. Memberships contributions help create new exhibits and to preserve artifacts, manuscripts, photographs, and much more. Already have a membership? Please consider renewing your membership at a higher level and be an active member of the museum community. Members receive a copy of our quarterly newsletter.

Come by the Museum to sign up!

Membership Level

  • Individual – $30.00 Sponsor – $100.00
  • Family – $45.00 Other – $ ______
  • Patron – $70.00

The Waynesboro Heritage Foundation is a 501 C (3) organization.

You can also support the museum by volunteering your time in the archives and in collections. Below is a list of some of our projects. Volunteer applications are available at the museum.

Social Media

Intern or volunteer will research the museum’s database (Past Perfect) to write social media posts. Posts can be “Today in History”, “Behind the Scenes”, “New donations”, etc. Intern/volunteer will create spreadsheet with data/time of posts. All posts must be approved before submitting online.

Cataloging Collections

Intern or volunteer will work on creating records in Past Perfect for new accessions. This includes scanning, photographing, and measuring artifacts. Intern/volunteer will process on paper first before learning to use Past Perfect unless he/she has previous experience with Past Perfect.

Library Project

Intern or volunteer will work on rearranging the museum’s library. This includes organizing books by call letters and accession number, covering the shelving with appropriate materials, assessing preservation and housing of rare books.

Historical Interpretation

Intern or volunteer will act as docent for The Plumb House Museum. The PHM is open Thursday – Saturday 10am-4pm. Shifts are available in 4-hour increments. As part of the internship, interns will create a guided tour of the Plumb House. Intern may also wish to create a tour or script for the Heritage Museum.

Special Interest

Any intern or volunteer may create his/her own project according to his/her interests; however, the project must be prepared before starting internship and must be approved by Staff or Senior Volunteer.

Blog Posts

Intern or volunteer will research the Museum’s database (Past Perfect) and the collections to write blog posts. Pictures will need to be attached to the posts. Writer must use images that belong to the Museum and you must check to see if there are any restrictions on the photographs before publishing. If photographs from outside the Museum are used, you will be responsible for getting permission from owner. Blog posts are published on the Museum’s website. All blogs must be approved before publishing

Thank you for your interest in helping The Waynesboro Heritage Foundation, Inc.

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